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We all know that bras have been optional in 2020, so get ready to cover those titties up with the hoodie your friends will be jealous of. Hoodie on. #BooCrew strong. Get it now cuz they’ll sell out, & I ain’t got no time to answer emails about when they’ll be back in stock.

  • Spun from the softest of premium 3-end fleece that’s hand-picked from clouds ☁️ 
  • Kangaroo pocket, perfect for sneaking snacks into the movie theatre once quarantine ends
  • Refer to above size guide for sizing, or just comment “@Tyler, how does sizing run on these” on any post so I can send you the above size guide
  • “I didn't know so many people wore no bras under hoodies. I feel much less shame now,” Christine, #BooCrew member

The LJMH, guaranteed to be your new lounging favorite. I mean, it’s literally just a maroon hoodie.