On April 3rd, the #BooCrew officially launched its COVID-19 #StrongerTogether Member Support Fund. The campaign seeks to provide support to members impacted by the epidemic. This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • The #BooCrew has pledged $500 to be donated to Three Square, a non-profit hunger-relief organization in Las Vegas, NV. 
  • We have setup a PayPal Pool that can be reached at https://paypal.me/pools/c/8nX4ilTF7V; the #BooCrew is matching the first $4,000 donated by members, dollar for dollar. These funds will be used for our Member Support fund further detailed below.
  • Member mailings will be substantially increased, and many will receive surprise mailings.
  • #HeartsForHealthcareWorkers are being mailed out to members that placed an order. These tokens of gratitude will be hung on doors and mailboxes across the country to show our unwavering support for healthcare workers and first responders tirelessly fighting for us in this epidemic. For more information, contact Amy Lynette at Admin@BooCrewTribe.com.
  • An independent artist is being contracted to create #StrongerTogether personalized water bottles with your LB name. All proceeds will be donated to the Member Support Fund. Additionally, all funds generated from the sale of #BooCrew stickers and magnets will be donated to the fund.
  • Selena will host a special #StrongerTogether themed DeathX10s Tribe Ride; find more information on the Events Tab within the group. A themed shirt will be offered with proceeds going to the fund.
  • $20 from the sale of each pair of Miami FitWear leggings purchased on our site through April will be donated to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. The fund provides grants to restaurant employees who have been laid off due to the crisis.

If you've been financially impacted by the virus, please reach out to us at Admin@BooCrewTribe.com to see how we can assist. Examples of how we can assist you include:

  • Peloton subscription coverage
  • Grocery subsidies
  • Target/Walmart/Amazon etc gift cards
  • Gas gift cards
  • Utilities payments
  • Medical/prescription copay assistance
  • Diapers/baby wipes