I own an Etsy shop. Can I use '#BooCrew' or the logo to make money?

Girl, no. #BooCrew Admins work hard to cultivate community within the Haus. That costs money. We do this through the sale of Haus merchandise and believe that funds raised should benefit the group's members. '#BooCrew' and our logo are protected by the US Patent & Trademark Office so that we can ensure continued benefits for all of our members. Don’t be making no ratchet bootlegs.

I submitted an order. When can I expect it to be delivered?

Orders are fulfilled by Madyson in Oklahoma. If the item you’ve ordered is in stock, you can expect it within a week. However, the majority of our merchandise is ordered in bulk. T-Shirts, tank tops, and other apparel typically take 1 week to manufacture, and are shipped to you within 2 days of receipt from the printer. Miami FitWear Leggings are handmade specifically for you & ship to me from Pharr, TX. Shipment typically occurs in 3 weeks. Look for up to date delivery information pinned in the Announcements Tab on our Facebook page.

There's an issue with my order. Who may I contact?

You may email Madyson at Madyson@HausOfBooCrew.com

Can I return an item?

Yes and no. Shirts, sweaters, and hoodies can be exchanged for a separate size when available. The #BooCrew does not function as a brick & mortar store so merchandise is not stored on hand. Miami FitWear apparel and most other merchandise is custom-ordered for Boos so returns cannot be accepted. 

Do the group's admins get paid?

Nope. Profit goes to pay expenses, of course. (Pretty sure we’re USPS’ most valuable client) We also pay Madyson to help, but that’s just so we can get you your items quicker. Profit is donated to causes we champion or reinvested into the Haus. To date, the #BooCrew has donated more than $220,000 to various organizations, causes, and member needs. We believe it’s what makes #BooCrew different from other communities. And that ain’t gonna change.

Where can I find out about the ongoings of the Haus and become more involved?

Check the Announcements Tab in our Facebook pages regularly! Announcements are posted almost daily. There you’ll find up to date info on Haus rides, monthly challenges, member highlights, delivery info, and more. #BooCrew can be found in 4 separate Facebook groups: #BooCrew, #BooCrew Meal-Preppers, #BooCrew Run Club, & #BooCrew Reaux. Additionally, we can be found on Instagram at @HausOfBooCrew

Who are the Admins?

Tyler Moses, Tracy Parker, Vanessa (Vne) Soto, Kathleen DeMars, Amy Lynette, and Katrina Denny. Additionally, Michele Causey, Danica Fryhling, Sharon Day, Heather Burdette, Melissa Arkin, Shawn Hendricks, Holly Kabler, & Madyson Roark help moderate the page. It takes an army, yall!

Where can I place an order?


Where is the #BooCrew mailing list? What is it used for?

The mailing list is posted in the Announcements Tab on our Facebook page. It’s the link to a Google form where you can add yourself to our mailing list. Admins use this list to send notes of encouragement & tokens of appreciation in the mail. Be patient! There are +100,000 members and only a few Admins/Moderators.

Does #BooCrew ship internationally?

Yep! Canada, UK, Germany, Mexico, Bermuda, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia…we’ve shipped lots of places. Email Tyler at Tyler@HausOfBooCrew.com if you have additional questions.

What does the #BooCrew consider intellectual property?

#BooCrew would not be here without Peloton. For that reason, we take respecting their intellectual property very seriously. Posts that “copycat” popular instructor phrases, recreate popular designs, or use fake logos will be removed immediately. Repeat offenses will result in member removal.


Can I post a GoFundMe or fundraiser on the Haus page?

Unfortunately, no. With +100,000 members if we allow it for one member, we have to allow it for all members. The good news is that the #BooCrew supports numerous causes and has raised over $220,000 to benefit them.