The #BooCrew was founded on July 13, 2017. What started because of a desire to ride together and have a forum centered around a shared preference of instructor, Cody Rigsby, quickly flourished into something much more meaningful. We soon discovered the underlying draw to ride with Cody tended to lure a specific type of person. The members who make up our #BooCrew are universally kind, generous, altruistic...and have a lot of sass !  This is a demographic of people who love to laugh, are open minded, and sincerely care about others. As the Haus of #BooCrew has grown, things have happened both on a small and large scale that have inspired this underlying spirit of altruism to genuinely shine.   

The #BooCrew has fiercely championed a variety of causes that we hold in high regard. While Hurricane Dorian laid siege on The Bahamas, members completed a 24 hour relay raising over $15,000 for relief efforts. When wildfires engulfed Australia, the #BooCrew raised $20,000 for the AU Red Cross and WIRES, the largest animal rescue in Australia. When earthquakes devastated Puerto Rico, the #BooCrew sprung into action to raise money for the Hispanic Heritage fund. When one of our own members asked for support as she rode in honor of her late brother who succumbed to suicide, the #BooCrew created a month-long movement to encourage one another to “LoveYoSelf,” which snowballed into our most beloved annual event. While embracing self-care and mental health in a variety of ways, members raised nearly $7,500 to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The Trevor Project. Participating in Giving Tuesday 2020, the #BooCrew contributed over $5,000 and secured an additional $18,500 in matching funds benefiting 13 different organizations. In 2019, the #BooCrew donated more than $30,000 to causes we support, adding another $130,000 in 2020. And we're just getting started.

Whether it be a ride-a-thon where members cycle around the clock pledging dollars for miles, purchasing original art merchandise with proceeds going toward the cause, or simply donating time and effort, the #BooCrew is a catalyst for major positive change in our world. We are so proud of the efforts this Haus puts towards their health, but we are even more proud of who the #BooCrew is during all of the hours of the day not spent on the bike, tread, or rower. Our light shines brightly and shows what we are truly capable of achieving when we “sit up tall, straighten that wig, and just let that shit go.”