Tyler Moses HBIC of wrangling eight admins and 100k+ boos across four pages, Tyler Moses embodies the spirit of the #BooCrew. Founder of the #BooCrew alongside fellow admin, Tracy Parker, Tyler has taken a love for cycling and a desire for community and transformed it into a fun loving, supportive, and generous corner of the internet. By day, Tyler is a professional risk manager. That skillset translates seamlessly into moderating and managing an ever growing community presence. #BooCrew is part of Tyler’s identity. He even has a # tattooed on his wrist in our honor. We are joined together from the far stretches of this earth in this community because of Tyler’s tireless dedication to these communities. We owe him quite a lot of gratitude for that. He is an Arkansas native, who now resides in Providence, Rhode Island. He can rarely be found without his trusty sidekick, Kel (his beautiful boxer pup) and an iced coffee in hand. Find him on the leaderboard: #tm0ses. You can also email him at Tyler@HausOfBooCrew.com

Kathleen DeMars An OG since day one of the #BooCrew, Kathleen DeMars is a New York native who has spent the last 15 years in the midwest. She currently resides in Chicagoland (that’s what they call the suburbs there) with her family and 2 cats. She loves cats, it’s an annoyingly cute fact about her. Kathleen earns her living as a math teacher and she moonlights as the copy writer for the Haus of #BooCrew website.  Most of the cheeky descriptions you read as you shop are her doing. She is passionate about equity, education, treating others well, and sprinkling a little sarcasm and sass into the lives of those around her. If she could live anywhere it would be a split between Scotland and Montauk. Find her on the leaderboard: #DeMars

Tracy Parker is affectionately referred to as our #BooCrew Employee Health specialist. She has spent the last year and a half on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic working tirelessly as an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner in Las Vegas. Tracy and Tyler founded the #BooCrew after sprouting a friendship in the (then kind) OPP. Tickets to Britney Spears and 100k boos later, Tracy is a staple of our community. She splits her time between Las Vegas and Oklahoma City. She can be found making the most of every moment whether it be taking her two sweet kiddos on a bike ride through Vegas or spending her 40th birthday skiing with friends and family. We would be lost without our dear, sweet Tracy! Find her on the leaderboard: #TracyParker

Vanessa Sotoor Vuh-nay as you might hear Tyler refer to her at times, is our international admin. Born in Venezuela, raised in Holland, educated in Texas, and living in New York, Vanessa brings the caliente to our team. She is one of our most level headed admins who rarely finds her feathers ruffled - it is something we are all envious of. She is also a risk manager, like Tyler, and as such excels at anticipating problems before they arise. This makes her a great asset to our team and an even more incredible friend. There is nothing you cannot tell this woman. She has a heart of gold and is an absolute ride or die. Find her on the leaderboard: #VaneRides4Ritas 

Amy Koch Amy loves dogs. She does not just like them. She does not just have one. Amy LOVVVVVVEESSS dogs. That’s the most important thing to know about her. It is because of Amy that the #BooCrew rents a puppy apartment at St. Louis Stray Rescue. She is a fierce advocate for everyone and everything she loves, which makes her a wonderful protector of our pages. When Amy says she’s getting out her bonkin’ stick, what she really means is that she is dedicated to keeping our #BooCrew communities as safe spaces for all members to enjoy. Most of the time, Amy is teaching kindergarten or fitness classes down in Niceville, Florida. Yes, she really lives in a town called Niceville - could it be any more perfect for her? You can usually find Amy creating challenges and distributing encouragement and swag over in the #BooCrew Run Club. Find her on the leaderboard: #AmyNeverQuits

Katrina Denny joined our admin team right after Amy and the two of them share so much in common! Both are kindergarten teachers. Both have a deep love for St. Louis Stray Rescue (Katrina just adopted a new pup named Tanner!). And, both are always hard at work on their respective domains within the #BooCrew universe. Katrina is an extraordinary meal-prepper and caught our eye with her weekly plans and preparations that are not only tasty but very accessible to anyone willing to take a few minutes to try. You can find her ideas, challenges, and cheeky banter over at the #BooCrew Meal-Preppers. She lives just outside St. Louis in southern Illinois with her family and two pups. This picture of her brings back very special #BooCrew Thanksgiving vibes from the time she went live to make Meemaw’s Jello salad. Haven’t visited the #BooCrew Meal-Preppers page yet? What are you waiting for? Find her on the leaderboard: #WineCycle

Michele Causey You know that part in Hamilton where Aaron Burr is desperate to get into the room where it happens? Well guess who is in that room? Michele, that’s who. An AKA soror, this badass babe has a resume that could intimidate a president and she has the pictures with them to prove it. But if Michele had been in that room with Hamilton and Jefferson, Burr would’ve had a peek inside because Michele is consistently holding the door open. She is one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and motivating women on our team. As forward thinking as they come, Michele always has an eye for what might happen and consistently has an idea for how to be two steps ahead. Oh, and she is a heaux for Maryland crabs - like a BIG HEAUX for them. We can’t say we blame her! Michele resides in the greater DC area with her bougie little dogs who could not be any cuter. Find her on the leaderboard: #IvyRider1908

Sharon Day When you say your prayers at night and thank God there is a vaccine to help us fight Covid-19, make sure you throw a hail mary up for our personal in haus global clinical trial manager who has not slept in exactly 18 months and has been fundamental in getting the data ready to present for FDA approval. That’s right, sweet, gorgeous, soft spoken, cheeky unassuming Sharon Day is a card carrying badass motherfucker. Sharon is one of the most empathetic members of our team. She absolutely always sees the best in others. And, she is continually amazing us with her resilience. Her determination and dedication to service extend beyond anything we could dream up. She brings these wonderful talents to all three of our pages daily and might just have the best gif game in the #BLT (don’t tell Tyler!). Sharon resides in Raleigh, NC with her squishy little pup and her husband, Brian. Find her on the leaderboard: #PeloVino

Danica Fryhling When considering inviting Danica to join the #BLT, the existing admins had a serious conversation about whether it would be in the best interest of the #BooCrew. It wasn’t because of Danica’s leadership skills or demeanor. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to keep the lights on! Danica has been one of the #BooCrew’s biggest fans since she joined the Peloton community and we are so grateful for her. She is our resident IT department and often takes the “late shift” moderating our pages since she lives in the beautiful coastal region of northern California. Danica is an eternal optimist who is always first to laugh at our jokes, make us feel seen, and remind us that we are valuable. What more could one ask for in a teammate or a friend? Danica is a puppy mom to her two loyal doxies and shares her Peloton with her husband, Jim. Fun fact: Danica and Jim fall asleep to Peloton meditation every night and Jim always lets her use her account so she’s racking up those milestones. What a guy! Find her on the leaderboard: #PelasaurusRex