The Core #BooCrew Leadership Team (#BLT) consists of 10 members but as we have grown, we’ve had the pleasure of adding incredible moderators. They include Melissa Arkin, Kim Smith, Shawn Hendricks, Holly Kabler, Justin McCann, Heather Burdette, Tamara Massey, and Crystal Byrne. Below please enjoy an introduction to our core leadership team.

Tyler Moses:  Community Director

Founder of the #BooCrew, Tyler has taken a love for self-improvement and a desire for authentic community and transformed it into a fun loving, supportive, and generous change making corner of the internet. By day, Tyler is a professional risk manager, financial consultant, and real estate mini-mogul with a wicked sense of humor. That skillset translates shockingly well into managing the #BooCrew’s ever growing online and real world presence. #BooCrew is part of Tyler’s identity figuratively and literally: he has a tattoo of a # in our honor on his wrist. Tyler is responsible for driving the vision and mission of our community into action and we owe him quite a lot of gratitude for that. He is perpetually looking to try new ideas, grow in all directions, and is never afraid to laugh at himself… or any of us. The stories we could tell would have you cackling! Find him on the leaderboard: #tm0ses Want to email him?

Kathleen DeMars: Assistant Community Director

Kathleen has been with #BooCrew since the day of its founding. Her position within the leadership team is to work alongside Tyler to develop strategy and planning across all aspects of the organization. She also writes a lot of the cheeky merchandise descriptions that make us giggle. Outside of #BooCrew, Kathleen teaches math full time at her local community college. She was born and raised on Long Island and currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. She is passionate about equity, education, treating others well, and sprinkling a little sarcasm and sass into the lives of those around her. If she could live anywhere it would be a split between Scotland and Montauk. Find her on the leaderboard: #DeMars

Vanessa Soto, Group Lead

Born in Venezuela, raised in Holland, educated in Texas, and living in New York, Vanessa brings the most fabulous world views to our team. She is one of our most level headed team members who rarely finds her feathers ruffled. Vanessa is a senior risk manager in New York City and as such excels at anticipating problems before they arise. This makes her an invaluable asset to our team and an even more incredible friend. There is nothing that will phase her. She has a heart of gold and is an absolute ride or die. Find her on the leaderboard: #VaneRides4Ritas 

Amy Koch: Group Lead

The most forward facing character trait about Amy Koch is that she loves animals. They are her passion and she dedicates much of her personal time supporting local and national rescue organizations. It is because of Amy that the #BooCrew has funded a puppy apartment at St. Louis Stray Rescue for the last 3 years. She is a fierce advocate for everyone and everything she loves, which makes her a wonderful protector of our pages. Amy is also one of our three BLT educators, Amy teaches both kindergarten and fitness classes in Niceville, Florida. Yes, she really lives in a town called Niceville - it serendipitously suits her. You can usually find Amy creating challenge, distributing swag, and building members up over in the #BooCrew Run Club. Find her on the leaderboard: #AmyNeverQuits

Katrina Denny: Group Lead

Katrina joined our leadership team shortly after Amy. She is also an educator and works as a reading specialist in O’Fallon, Illinois. Katrina shares Amy’s love for St. Louis Stray Rescue as her family dog, Tanner, was adopted from the organization in 2021! Katrina is a tremendous asset to our team. Her expertise is that she is an extraordinary meal-prepper and shares her expertly executed weekly plans and preparations that are not only tasty but very accessible to anyone willing to take a few minutes to try. She also hosts an annual Facebook Live episode of #BooCrew Chopped/Nailed it around Thanksgiving; it’s always a barrel of laughs! Katrina lives just outside St. Louis in southern Illinois with her family and dog. Find her on the leaderboard: #WineCycle

Tracy Parker: Group Lead 

Tracy is affectionately referred to as our #BooCrew Employee Health specialist. She spends her days working tirelessly as an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner in Las Vegas, NV. Tracy and Tyler founded the #BooCrew after sprouting a friendship in the Official Peloton Member Page back in 2016. Over 100k members and countless memories later, Tracy is a staple of our community. She can be found making the most of every moment whether it be a spontaneous solo trip to Hawaii or running the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! We would be lost without our amazing Tracy! Find her on the leaderboard: #TracyParker

Michele Causey Content Moderation Lead

You know that part in Hamilton where Aaron Burr is desperate to get into the room where it happens? Well, Michele Causey is in that room. An AKA soror and MP at Deloitte, Michele has a resume that could intimidate any US president; she has pictures with several of them to prove it. But, there is one major thing that differentiates Michele from the musical founding fathers: if Michele had been in that room with Hamilton and Jefferson, she would have held the door open for us. Michele is one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting women on our team. With an expert strategic mindset, she always has an eye for what might happen and consistently has an idea for how to be two steps ahead. When she isn’t meeting with national and state leaders, Michele can be found enjoying a glass of wine or bourbon and her favorite food, Maryland Crabs! Michele resides in the greater DC area with her dogs, Princeton and Ramses. Find her on the leaderboard: #IvyRider1908

Sharon Day Content Moderation Lead

Sharon Day is our resident clinical trial senior manager. She spent the last few years of her professional life working to bring us our life saving COVID vaccines. When not working tirelessly as a CMT, Sharon volunteers with her Women’s Junior League and recently completed a term as club President. Sharon is one of the most empathetic members of our team. She absolutely always sees the best in others. And, she is continually amazing us with her resilience. Her determination and dedication to service extend beyond anything we could dream up. She brings these wonderful talents to all three of our pages daily and might just have the best gif game in the #BLT (don’t tell Tyler!). Sharon resides in Raleigh, NC with two adorable pups, one cat, and her husband. Find her on the leaderboard: #PeloVino

Danica Fryhling: Content Moderation Lead

Danica Fryhling is our leadership team’s IT department and often takes the “late shift” moderating our pages since she lives in the beautiful coastal region of northern California. Professionally, Danica is a senior IT manager with a major pharmaceutical company. She is regularly recognized for her professional contributions. Danica is an eternal optimist who is always first to laugh at our jokes, make us feel seen, and remind us that we are valuable. She has an incredible knack for explaining complex ideas to others in a way that lands effortlessly. What more could one ask for in a teammate or a friend? Danica is a puppy mom to her two loyal doxies and shares her fleet of Peloton equipment with her husband. Find her on the leaderboard: #PelasaurusRex