We're excited to continue our annual holiday ornament tradition for a 3rd year. This year's ornament incorporates a symbol that quickly became a core part of #BooCrew...the mirrorball. Cody danced his heart out for 2.5 months as we cheered him on & texted in votes. He had a blast and made the #BooCrew proud! We added a holiday spin with cinnamon sticks, twine, and buffalo plaid. And...is it really even Christmas without a little bit of glitter?!

The finished ornament measures 5" x 4" and features a 3-dimensional mirrorball and a twined cinnamon stick with a bow. The buffalo plaid acrylic background has been engraved with snowflakes, #BooCrew's logo, and the year.

Happy Holidays!

Love, #BooCrew Leadership Team

2021 Annual #BooCrew Holiday Ornament

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