Rosie Poster

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Proceeds benefiting the #BooCrew COVID-19 Member Fund. Poster is 18"x24"

When Norman Rockwell’s imagery of Rosie the Riveter first graced the cover of the Saturday Evening post in May 1943 the world was at war. Today, nearly 77 years later, we find ourselves on an entirely different type of battlefield. Rosie was used as propaganda to drive women into the factory jobs deserted by men who had been drafted into war. Women heeded Rosie’s call and the glass ceiling got a little crack in it for women everywhere. She became a symbol of resolve and power. Rosie is tough; she has grit, and she works hard. She is capable and determined. Rosie can do anything. In these uncertain times we all draw on our inner Rosie. Rosie looks at DeathX10s and calmly says, “Bring it.”