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Want to help? If you have the means and would like to donate, pitch into our Haus Giving Fund. We use the funds to sponsor Peloton subscription fees during rough times, provide financial assistance when needed, pay for postage, support and uplift, and donate to nonprofits we're championing.

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Started in 2017, the #BooCrew was created to connect Peloton members with shared interests. Since then, our membership has amassed over 40,000 Boos across seven countries of the world. Our "Boos" come in all different shapes and colors. We span across multiple religious backgrounds, political ideologies, and socioeconomic statuses. Some of us are fitness novices, while some of us have been active our entire lives. All of us are on a path to better health. Regardless of these differences, we've come together to form a Haus that loves and supports each other like nothing you've ever seen before. We'll see you on the LB!