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S&M😏 (Stickers & Magnets)

S&M😏 (Stickers & Magnets)

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The Classic Sticker: Stick this baby anywhere you like to show off your #BooCrew pride! Measuring in at over 7” long...some would say it’s the perfect size 😉

The Classic Magnet: A simple reminder of your health goals every time you open the fridge, and a perfect reminder for you to MealPrep 😉 This magnet is about twice the size of our last magnet.

The #BCRC Magnet: 4.81"x1.5" 

The Whole Ass Only Sticker: 4"x2.7"

The Get Your Life Together, Boo! Sticker: 4.3"x1.8"

The Rainbow Classic Sticker: 6"x2"

Use code 3 at checkout for 15% off 3 stickers/magnets

Use code sticker at checkout for 30% off 10 stickers/magnets

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